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Our Mission: To restore freedom to ALL American citizens and transform the United States into a global model of freedom and prosperity for generations to come.

Show your pride in being an American citizen and a “21st Century Revolutionary” by purchasing a t-shirt, coffee mug, gym bag or other item emblazoned with the American Citizen Party logo. The Party receives $5.00 from each item sold, which goes directly to pay the everyday operating expenses of an organization being built from the ground up. And, every $5.00 donation makes a difference.

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In 2010, 2012 and 2014, will “We The People” elect American Citizen Party candidates to the U.S. House and Senate who will vote FOR the “Economic Freedom Act”?

“Yes We Will!”

Thank you for your support. And, spread the word to everyone you know that freedom for ALL American citizens is just around the corner!

The Rebellion Begins in 2010!

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Bob McNeil
Founder and Chairman
American Citizen Party