Bob McNeil and Michael Ellis – Special Guest Speakers on “My Private Audio”

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 @ 1:36AM

With the end of my quest for the Presidency, I have now turned my attention to another method to bring about the “21st Century American Revolution”.

On Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 9:00pm EST/8:00pm CST, Michael Ellis and I will be “Special Guest Speakers” on “My Private Audio”, hosted by Angela Stark.

Here is the link where you will find the call-in number (724-444-7444) and Call ID (39904) for access to the program where you can listen and ask questions.  If you have Skype, you can call in from there.

During the two hours scheduled, we will be discussing the lawsuits I, Michael and others have filed in the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia to enjoin (stop) the IRS from committing computer fraud against Americans it has labeled “non-filers”.  This fraud is related to the Substitute For Return (SFR) program and originates with the entry of certain 3-digit Transaction Codes (TCs) in the Individual Master File (IMF) of unsuspecting victims.  Falsifying government records is a crime proscribed at 18 USC §1001.

Those TCs begin the long road to harassing letters, Notices of Deficiency (90-day letters – your “Ticket to Tax Court”), Collection Due Process Hearings, wage garnishments, liens, levies, and seizure of assets to satisfy a tax liability that doesn’t exist.

The IRS creates a “self-authenticating” certification which is used by the Department of Justice (DoJ) in court proceedings to shield IRS experts from being cross-examined concerning the details of the IMF fraud.  The act of concealing the initial crime is proscribed at 18 USC §4 as misprision of felony.

No statute authorizes United States attorneys to conceal exculpatory evidence from Grand Juries which would reveal the existence of a criminal Government scheme to falsify government records, in order to secure indictments by fraud on that Jury.  The existence of such scheme ipso facto proves the “income tax” is an “exaction in the guise of a tax” which was never imposed on Americans, since Congress cannot authorize commission of crimes by its servants.

Here is my first blog in which I present an overview of my case.

And, here is the page listing all the documents that have been filed since the case began in August 2015.

This case is of national importance and, should I prevail, will mean the end of the suffering experienced by millions of so-called “non-filers” at the hands of the IRS.  It will also mean the door is open for millions of Americans to participate, without fear of harm, in the coming “21st Century American Revolution”, which is a good, old-fashioned tax revolt.

Please set aside the time to listen and educate yourselves about the fraud being committed every day by the IRS and DoJ in the enforcement of the income tax.

And, spread this message to all of your social media outlets.

Thank you.

In liberty,

Bob McNeil
21st Century American Revolutionary
Founder/President – American Citizen Party

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