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By Bob McNeil · April 8, 2011 · Filed in American Citizen Party, Presidential Candidate

Bob As you can imagine, I get email from people from all over the country asking my opinion about certain issues, challenging my position on others and offering support and advice as I lay out my plan for the 21st Century American Revolution.

I thought I’d share my response to a recent message from a supporter named Mark:


Hi McNeil,

Hello Mark.  Thank you for taking the time to look at my website… and for writing.
Just saw your history clip.  We went in to the military the same year, I flew down to San Diego on June 19, (my birthday). I was in the Navy, on two destroyers, and a CLG and did one year 70 to 71 in country Viet Nam, where they dressed me like a Marine and I spent a year in fire pits, towers, roving patrol, village patrols and did village sweep with the Marines… I thought I was safe in the Navy, but ended up getting shot at anyway!

Thank you for your service.  In September 1968, at age 19, I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and was sent to San Diego in January 1969 for 10 weeks of boot camp.  From there, I was sent to Camp Pendleton for ITR (Infantry Training Regiment).  I had been assigned MOS 2851 (Aviation Radio Repairman), so, after ITR, I returned to San Diego for one year of electronics training, where I finished near the top of my class.  From there, I was assigned to Marine Air Traffic Control Unit 78 (MATCU 78) at Quantico Air Base, Virginia.  My unit consisted of a radar unit, radio van, and air traffic control van and was designed to be airlifted to a remote airbase to provide air traffic control for fixed and rotary wing aircraft.  MATCU 78 was never deployed to Viet Nam, so I served my 3 years stateside and was separated from active duty at Quantico in January 1972.
I see you’re a social credit proponent. That maybe the only way to go. For sure we need to send the International Zionist bankers packing… and send the National debt with them, they created it!

That’s right.  End the Federal Reserve… restore the dollar to soundness…. end our 100 year-old, 70,000 page,  progressive income tax system…. install a national sales tax with my innovative “Vote With Your Dollars” feature….put controls on Congress to limit its ability to add amendments and earmarks to non-related legislation…. and restore freedom to ALL American citizens.
In any case, you seem a straight arrow. But, I think you must understand that the American People have had it with the “system”.  So, to get where you want to go, you must demonstrate strength and enough personality to identify with the angry masses of betrayed voters. People are looking for a real leader, who can lead the way and project enough personal strength to stay the course. Being a leader is an identification and association process that must resonate.  Resonating is done at the moment of a sound byte, a speech a photo op and such. So you need a PR staff who’s as savvy as the worst of the one’s the democrats and republicans have. It’s a fight fire with fire game, are you ready? You can’t make it just on a smile and a squeaky clean record. Just a little FYI.

My family and friends think of me as a straight arrow, as do my clients and business associates.  And, while I agree with you that I can’t just show up with a smile and a squeaky clean record, it’s a good place to start.  I’ve never been handcuffed, arrested, or spent a night in jail.  The muckrakers and yellow journalists will have to dig deep to find anything that would disqualify me from running for President.  But, I fully expect them to try…. or just make things up.

In my 62 years, I have been placed in a variety of leadership positions….. as captain of a number of sports teams as a young man…… as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps…… as the father of two daughters……. as a corporate auditor leading a team of co-workers on multi-million dollar financial reviews both foreign and domestic…. as a Pro Se litigant defending myself in Federal District Court against an out-of-control IRS agent and the Department of Justice (I won) and now, as the leader of the 21st century American revolution.  Each of those opportunities came with their own set of challenges, requiring me to use all of my skills and abilities to overcome them. 

And….. here I stand.

You should also know that, although I’ve never been elected to public office, I didn’t just arrive on the political scene.

In 2006, out of my personal frustration with the “system”, I conceived of my plan to restore freedom to ALL American citizens.  In 2007, in the solitude of my home office, I sat down with a blank computer screen, a copy of the Constitution and 30+ years of experience as an accountant, corporate auditor and business consultant, and began researching and writing the plan, bouncing ideas off of friends, family and strangers along the way.  One year later, the plan was complete, just in time for the 2008 Presidential election.

Growing up, I never thought about being President of the United States.  It was simply out of reach for a common person like me.  So, my intent was to give my plan to someone with national name recognition who would take it and run for President on a platform of restoring freedom to ALL American citizens.  But, as I began looking for that one person who shared my vision and values, I realized, in one of those “Ah! Ha!” moments, that, if there was a professional politician out there who had any intention of restoring our freedoms, he/she would have done it already.  So, in 2008, meeting the only two Constitutional requirements for President, I ran a four-month campaign as an independent write-in candidate, receiving a small number of votes from supporters across the nation.

From that experience, I learned that there are an untold number of American citizens who have “had it” with our current 2-party system and are hungry for freedom.  Because of our Nation’s history of political corruption, the biggest challenge I faced then, and continue to face now, is the belief by the People that their vote doesn’t matter and won’t make any difference in the outcome of our elections.  The 2010 election clearly demonstrated that this is not true.  But, with the shift in power back to the Republicans, we now see that merely moving left and right every two/four years will not bring about the fundamental change necessary to restore America to the Constitutional principles on which it was founded.  Both political parties must be purged from power and reduced to minority status for all time.

I founded and chartered the American Citizen Party in the state of Texas in February 2009 for the purpose of recruiting citizen representatives to run for public office at all levels of government to implement my plan.  It will also serve as the vehicle for my Presidential run in 2012.  Politically, I believe it will be more effective to challenge the incumbent politicians with the slogan “Rally all ye American Citizens!!” instead of “Rally all ye independents!!”  I see the latter as sort of like herding cats.  But, the American people will prove me right or wrong.

Suggestion: Lead a nation wide strike against fiat money and plastic money… Money is now what is being used as a weapon against the American people by the counterfeiters and con artists at the Fed, the BiS, and treasury department.  They are using tax dollars to imprison us in countless ways… It’s not a war of bombs and bullets, it’s a war of financial tyranny.  The bottom line is take a stance, and also get some savvy PR folks to back you. 

Proclaim fiat money holidays to get attention .

We’re on the same track, but, I’m ahead of you by a few years.  Leading a nationwide strike against fiat and plastic money is fraught with danger.  (Read up on President Andrew Jackson and the trials, tribulations and assasination attempts he endured in the 1830’s to eliminate the Central Bank). 

My plan provides the blueprint for a peaceful 21st century American revolution, utilizing the greatest act of civil disobedience in our Nation’s history….. the refusal of all American citizens to pay taxes under our 100 year-old, 70,000 page progressive income tax system.  There will be no riots in the streets or police action taken against the People.  This will be a silent revolution that will come about in the safety of our homes and offices using the most powerful weapon on earth…. a ballpoint pen. 

The 21st Century American Revolution is this:  At 1:00pm on January 20, 2013, every W2 employee will change Line 7 of their W4 form to read “Exempt”, every self-employed person will refuse to send their quarterly tax payment to the Department of Treasury, and every working American will refuse to file a tax return on April 15th.  In addition, every American business, from multinational corporations to Mom and Pop operations, will stop sending corporate income and payroll taxes to Washington, D.C.  Those actions will reduce government tax receipts by about $2 TRILLION and send a STRONG message to Congress that if it won’t cut spending, “We the People” will. 

Due to the administrative complexities of the tax code, it takes about 9 months for the IRS computers to generate the form letter “CP59 - Request for Your Tax Return”.  That’s plenty of time for the American people to adjust to bringing home 100% of their pay to spend, save, invest or give to charity, as they choose.  With the transfer of more than $2 TRILLION back into the pockets of the American people, the citizens will experience a level of freedom and prosperity unknown by anyone born in the last 100 years.  I pity the judge or politician who takes action to revert to the old system. 

Unfortunately, this will only come to pass if the American voters elect a President “of the people” who is willing to exercise the powers of the Executive Branch, as set forth in the Constitution, for the benefit of ALL citizens…… and to endure the consequences of that action.

I am that man.

I’m talking specifically about the Article II Section 2 power of the President to pardon anyone for any crime (except impeachment).  As we all know, the IRS, with the support of the Department of Justice, deals harshly with those who challenge our tax system.  Fortunately, both of those entities report to the Executive Branch.  As President, I will call for the resignation of all employees of the IRS and DOJ, as well as immediate release of all persons currently imprisoned for tax evasion, willful failure to file tax returns and all other tax-related crimes.

Bottom line…. I will protect you from harm when you choose to participate in the revolution to restore your economic freedom.

For details, please read the 2-page “Proclamation of Freedom” in the “Important Documents” section on the American Citizen Party website: 


Thanks again for writing, Mark.


Our freedoms come from God and are secured by the U.S. Constitution, thanks to the wisdom and foresight of the Founding Fathers.  We only lose our freedoms when we allow others to take them from us by force, or in a more passive way, through laws, regulations and ordinances passed by corrupt and power-hungry politicians at all levels of government.

I, for one, cherish my freedoms and refuse to give them up.  From now until November 6, 2012, it is my mission to inspire all freedom-loving Americans to stand with me to take our freedoms back.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, the 21st Century American Revolution is YOU taking bold action to free yourself from a lifetime of economic slavery brought about by laws that were passed more than 100 years ago. 

You hold in your hand the key to open the shackles and set yourself free.  You always have. 

The key to freedom is your vote.  And, as long as you honor the Constitution, you will always have it.

Once lost, it will be hard to get it back.

In future elections, use your vote wisely.

Vote for American Citizen Party candidates.

If there isn’t a candidate, run for office yourself.

If you don’t want to run for office, volunteer your time, effort and money to support the 21st Century American Revolutionaries who do.

Are YOU willing to take the action necessary to restore your freedoms?

I am.

It is time to purge Congress of the Democrats and Republicans and return our country to the People.

Stay tuned.

Bob McNeil
2012 Presidential Candidate
Founder - American Citizen Party


Michael A. Carabini
April 22nd, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Here are the two most intriguing sets of bookends Ive come up with With these bookends in mind Ive been sketching out a course that would focus on two related themes 1 the expansion and growth of the American nation-state and 2 struggles over the expansion and contraction of the national community.These themes are of course intimately related to one another expansion into the West provoked political debates about whether Native Americans could be assimilated into the nation and the aggressive expansionism that underwrote the Mexican-American War set in motion the fateful debates about slavery and the political status of African Americans that would result in Civil War. Moreover it was often the expansion of the territorial nation-state frequently through military conflicts like the Mexican-American War and the Spanish-American War that raised questions for white Americans about whether new populations of people Mexicans Filipinos and Chinese for instance could or should be included in the nation.

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