A Portrait of Hate

By Bob McNeil · October 1, 2010 · Filed in American Citizen Party, Presidential Candidate

Bob I live in Houston, Texas, a city of more than 4 million people.

To spread the word about the American Citizen Party, and my plan to restore freedom to all American citizens, I attached magnetic signs and bumper stickers to my car to transform it into a rolling billboard.

Here are a few photos of what you’ll see on the freeways and neighborhood streets as I go about my daily business.

Bob's car
Bob's car
Bob's car
Bob's car
Bob's car
Bob's car
Bob's car
Bob's car
If you believe in the Constitution and freedom of speech, you would be hard-pressed to find anything offensive about any of these signs.

But, last week, I went to the grocery store and, when I returned to my car, found this note on my windshield:

Bob's car
Apparently, there are people in America who don’t believe in God, or the magnificence of our country, and wish the worst on those of us who do.

I cannot imagine living my life with such hate raging within me.

May God have mercy on their souls.

In freedom,

Bob McNeil
American Citizen Party


They must not be Americans. If they are,they need to move to another country that offers them more freedom and resources.

Dear sir.

First of all I am sorry that you received such a small unpleasant note from a cowardly jackass.

Also I noticed though you made a incorrect sweeping assumption. You assumed the person is Godless, and that they wish harm on those of you that love your country and believe in God.

Did it not occur to you that said individual may believe in another God, and that they don’t wish harm on those of you who do, but are just a little ticked off at the oppressive religious types who are trying to wriggle into the government, and let religion get in the way of government decisions.

I do think the person is a coward and a moron for leaving such a note, but I do think you are being just a tad ignorant by assuming (A) the person has to be godless (B) full of rage (c) wishes harm on those who believe in god.

Lets say the person is godless, does that naturally mean that if you don’t believe in god, you are full of rage, and hate, and wish harm on others?

Please don’t judge the whole basket of eggs based on one or two bad eggs. Are we to assume all Christians are bad? or all Muslims are bad? or all deists and atheist’s are bad?

When your government was founded, it was based on separation of church and state, meaning government has no say in religious matters, and the church has no say in government issues. Unfortunately as we see today religion is trying to force its way into government decisions, ignoring the separation of church and state, but yet they will cry if they think their religious rights are being trampled on. This of course is what makes people angry. People should be voted into office based on their qualifications, and how they can help the people, not on which religion do they follow.

I remember seeing a video of a talk on the global warming issue, and one guy in office throws out a bible verse to say that the earth is safe because God wont let it be destroyed by man, so that we should ignore the stuff about global warming. Is this the type of people you really want to have in office, and make decisions for the people and the country?

A man who ignored data that has been observed, and reports, for a Bible verse?

I can see why some people are angry, as a certain religion seems to think it owns the country, and has a right to force its belief system, and make decisions for those who do not follow it.

Your country is a beautiful place, the people are wonderful, unfortunately its heading back to the dark ages, with religion trying to influence the government.

Remember the colonists fled from another country with said oppressive religion, to create a place where it was more free, and that the church had no influence on government issues, and that the government had no say in peoples beliefs.

Anyway sir, again I am sorry you received a nasty note, and I bid you a good day, and hope you have a wonderful life.

This country was formed upon the belief in God and Jesus and is what that has made it great. Someone who truelly is a man of God is exactly who I want running it and our government at all levels. This kind of individual would not tramp on anyone’s freedom regardless of their religous beleifs or race. They would respect them and protect them as did our forfathers who wrote the Constitution which is written with God. When you take God out of it then the Constitution doesn’t work like it was intended and corrupt people that has their own agenda in mind take controll like we have now.
If we don’t put God back in our country then it will fall no matter if the democrats,republicans or who is in control.
I pray that the American Citizens Party can undo what the Republicans and Democrats have done and ask God to forgive us and bless America with His grace.

Brent Harrelson
March 5th, 2011 at 8:33 pm

You mentioned about your bumper stickers, “you would be hard-pressed to find anything offensive about any of these signs.” However, one of those bumper stickers says, “Annoy a liberal. Work hard and be happy”.
I’m not too hard pressed to see where people, namely liberals, could be offended by this. Many liberals DO work and ARE happy. It’s also a sweeping generalization along the lines of “All Mexicans are lazy”, thus, it is as incorrect as all such generalizations are.
Also, I would like to point out that the Founding Father whom you like to talk so much about were ALL liberals of their day. In fact, they would have been considered extremist liberals back then, hence why we had a revolution - the most extreme political act possible. All the “conservatives” of the time, the Loyalists, wanted to conserve the old ways, i.e - remain a British colony.
I’m not a stereotypical liberal that gets offended by everything, but I don’t find it difficult to see where someone could be offended by the gross generalization of that bumper sticker. I also find it somewhat hypocritical considering that, to a degree, your ideas would be considered liberal since you, presumably, consider them to be progressive and they do not preserve the old system. It also seems that the bumper sticker does nothing but perpetuate the democrat/liberal vs. republican/conservative feud that I personally think is one of the things destroying the “United” States of America. Finally, it seems like an inappropriate thing for a politician to have considering that you may be able to convince some of those liberals to vote for you if you weren’t so demonstrably biased.

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