The 60% Theory

By Bob McNeil · September 22, 2010 · Filed in American Citizen Party, Presidential Candidate

BobI find that I learn more by listening than I do by talking, so, everywhere I go I take the opportunity to listen to what everyday people say about their lives.

Based on what I’ve heard from thousands of you over the years, I believe that the polls we see on television, hear over the radio, and read in the newspapers, proclaiming that we are a 50/50 nation of left-wingers and right-wingers, are just plain wrong.  At some level, they may even be considered propaganda designed to make us believe something that is simply not true.

Based on my own personal poll, I have come to believe that there are tens of millions of like-minded, disenchanted voters who are ready to take part in a 21st century American revolution, but have no one and no party, to vote FOR.

That’s what led me to conclude that we can win this war for freedom because the undeniable truth is, we simply outnumber the enemies of freedom.  And, having a numerical advantage over one’s opponents is a great position to be in during the coming revolution.

But, just how many of us are out there?

To help answer that question, I have developed the following theory, which I call the 60% Theory.

This theory states that, out of 100% of the citizens in the United States, 20% represent the Far Left and another 20% represent the Far Right.  Both of these radical fringe groups are well-organized and well-funded by billionaires, millionaires and special interests.  But, together, they represent only 40% of the population.

The remaining 60% of us, the MAJORITY, lie somewhere in the middle (the real mainstream), placing our faith in the two minority groups to govern us with our best interests in mind.  Past history and current events tell us what a foolish choice that has been.

Those radical fringe groups are responsible for writing all of the bills and passing all of the laws that have taken away the precious freedoms for which our ancestors fought and died.

It is time for the 60% of us who believe in the principles of personal responsibility, self-determination and the restoration of freedom to unite under the banner of the American Citizen Party to take our country back.

The first step is to read the 12-page Economic Freedom Act.

This Act provides bold, innovative, solutions that:

  • Shift the balance of power from Washington, D.C. back to the States and to the People;
  • Contain short, medium and long term objectives to create a new, 21st century economy;
  • Restore economic freedom by implementing the innovative “Vote With Your Dollars” tax allocation system;
  • Reorganize the committee and subcommittee structure of Congress;
  • Restrict Congress’ ability to add earmarks and amendments to legislation; and
  • Reduce the size of the Federal Government by eliminating those programs that fail to achieve their objectives and those that are not authorized by the Constitution.

As you read the various parts of the Act, I hope you begin to see that the most effective solutions to the difficult problems facing our Nation today are those based on sound accounting principles, economic law and common sense.

Next, I hope you begin to realize what a tremendous signal it would send to the world if 60% of the voters elected members of the American Citizen Party to the hundreds of thousands of city, county, state and federal offices across this country.  It would then be the responsibility of these newly-elected officials to implement the various elements of the Act at their respective level of government.

Just imagine.  In one fell swoop, millions of free-thinking American citizens, using the concentrated power of their votes, could remove all incumbent politicians from office, and vote into office principled Americans whose mission it is to restore freedom to all citizens of this Nation.

It took us 100 years to get where we are and it will take at least 3 election cycles to transform this country into what I call “21st Century America“, a country with levels of freedom and prosperity that few people alive today have experienced.

History provides numerous examples where one ordinary citizen, standing on principle, steps forward and becomes the impetus for the massive paradigm shift that must occur for any country to survive and thrive under its founding principles.  It is no different for the United States of America now.

But, in addition to that one person, it will take the actions of the 60% Majority to turn our Nation around and restore freedom to ourselves, our children, and future generations of Americans.

Please join the American Citizen Party and support it with your time, your money, and your vote.

And…… run for office as an American Citizen Party candidate.

In freedom,

Bob McNeil

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