Why I Formed the American Citizen Party

By Bob McNeil · September 1, 2010 · Filed in American Citizen Party, Presidential Candidate

Bob People constantly say this to me: “Bob, why did you form the American Citizen Party?  You know you’re just going to split the conservative vote and guarantee that the Democrats get re-elected.”

Please trust me when I say that I considered that possibility when arriving at my decision to move forward with the formation of the party.

Besides, I created a solution to prevent that from happening.

My solution is to offer you such a superior plan for 21st century America that you will embrace it and reject all others.  And that you will do so in overwhelming numbers, thereby condemning the Democrats and Republicans to minority status for generations.

These are truly revolutionary times and the American electorate is hungry for unique, innovative and Constitutional ideas to change 150 years of two-party rule.

As a 61 year-old conservative, professional auditor, and former U.S. Marine, I researched and wrote my plan in 2007 and 2008.  Originally, I intended to give it to a conservative politician with “name recognition” to introduce it in Congress, gain co-sponsors, pass it, and free 300 million Americans from the shackles of economic slavery that Congress has placed around our necks.

But, when I began looking for a potential candidate, I couldn’t find one that was aligned with my principles.  Upon further reflection, I reached the following conclusion:

If a professional politician had not, at that point, come up with a plan to restore our freedoms, then he/she:  a) was not intelligent enough to put all the pieces together, or b) had no intention of restoring our freedoms.

It was that revelation, and my loss of trust in the Republican Party, that led me to form the American Citizen Party in 2009.  This party is the platform from which the 21st Century American Revolution, and my 2012 Presidential candidacy, will be launched.

As a free-thinker, I am not bound by any political philosophy, but have adopted that of the Founding Fathers.  And, because I have no political past, I get to avoid the elementary school name-calling that dominates the two major parties today.  In all conversations, I focus on the issues.  And, what a tremendously liberating experience that has been!

Politically, any Democrat or Republican who attacks the American Citizen Party will be attacking the American people and will become roadblocks to the restoration of freedom.  I can’t wait to debate them on that issue!

The success of the American Citizen Party depends entirely on you.  You can stand FOR freedom or you can continue to vote for Republicans and “hope”….. someday….. they will come up with a plan to restore your freedoms.

Read the plans put forth by Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) “Economic Freedom Act of 2010″ (HR 5029) or Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) “Roadmap for America’s Future” to see what the brightest minds in that party have in store for you.

I guarantee you that their plans fall far short of the freedoms restored by the American Citizen Party’s “Economic Freedom Act” and “Vote With Your Dollars” tax collection system.

The biggest obstacle I have encountered to date is convincing ordinary people that, what they have come to believe is freedom, in no way resembles the freedom envisioned by the Founding Fathers.  In fact, no person born after 1909 has experienced that level of freedom.

But, I continue to change hearts and minds one person at a time and will do so for as long as it takes to take our country back from those whose mission it is to destroy it.

Along the way, I have learned to reject all arguments based in pessimism and fear.

I believe it is possible for a new political party, with the right plan and the right leader, to change the course of history.

If you do, too, I invite you to become a member of the American Citizen Party and help shape the future of our Nation.

In freedom,

Bob McNeil
American Citizen Party


I saw a car in Houston, TX this morning that had your website address painted on it, and it piqued my interest. As soon as I got to work, I went to your site; I’ve not heard of your party, but am concerned as you are about the path our country is taking. I will review your site and decide whether or not I am interested in receiving more information.

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