A Call for the First Wave of American Citizen Party Candidates

By Bob McNeil · August 4, 2010 · Filed in American Citizen Party, Presidential Candidate

This is a call for the first wave of “21st Century American Revolutionaries” to run for office and take back our country from the Democrats and Republicans.

The table below lists the states and territories whose filing dates have not yet passed, but are fast approaching.

If you are a person of good moral character, have no criminal history, and believe in the principles of personal responsibility, self determination and the restoration of freedom, then run for office as a candidate from the American Citizen Party.

State/Territory # Seats Filing Deadline
New York 31 Pending
Northern Mariana Islands 1 Pending
Puerto Rico 1 N/A
Vermont 2 09/17/10
North Dakota 2 09/03/10
Delaware 2 09/01/10
Nebraska 3 09/01/10
New Hampshire 3 09/01/10
American Samoa 1 09/01/10
District of Columbia 1 09/01/10
Massachusetts 10 08/31/10
Oregon 6 08/24/10
Wyoming 1 08/23/10
Iowa 6 08/13/10
Kentucky 7 08/10/10

Kentucky and Iowa are the most critical, so, you must decide now.

Send your name, address, and telephone number to the following email address and I will contact you with further information.

Thank you.

Bob McNeil
[email protected]

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